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Message from the owner and founder, Delilah Nosworthy

I had a traumatic experience due to a doctor-caused injury during a medical procedure and I was left bedridden for five months. During that time I relied on the kindness of friends to assist with daily living, preparing meals, transport to hospitals and doctors’ rooms, completing the necessary documentation prior to admission to hospital, therapy sessions, companionship, someone to take my Yorkie to the vet and groomer while I was unable to do so, etc.

As I started healing it dawned on me that there must be many people, especially among the elderly who desperately need a helping hand from time to time or on a more regular basis, with personal administration assistance, IT support, attending to the shopping and other errands, someone to talk to the doctor when they’re not feeling well enough to do so, a companion, perhaps even someone to take them for a scenic drive or a trip to the vet when their beloved pets aren’t well and they’re unable to drive them there.

I understand the value of such a helping hand more now since personally experiencing these challenges, and I have a deep desire to help others and want to use and combine the skills and experience I gained before and during my recovery journey to do so. And that is how Diligence on Call was conceived.

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Why use us?

We offer caring personal assistance to all who need it, especially senior citizens and families with children. Our meticulous personal assistance service includes household management, administration, IT support, caring for or mentoring children, taking pets to the vet, running errands, as well as exercise sessions.

With Diligence on Call, you have a trusted friend who will always place your needs first.


Use Diligence on Call for:

Personal administration assistance

IT support

Personal assistance at medical appointments


Exercise sessions

Dog walking

Pet minding/pet visits

Household management

Scenic drives

Pets to the vet

Grocery or other shopping

After-school activities


“I highly recommend Delilah as a service provider. I have known her for many years. She is a kind, warm, conscientious, and caring person. I can go on for hours discussing her core values and integrity as a human. When she takes on a task it is done professionally and with empathy and compassion as well.

When my elderly father was admitted to hospital for a bypass operation, he sadly suffered a stroke during the procedure and was unable to talk or walk thereafter. Delilah visited him regularly while he was in hospital for an extended period of time. She would chat to him despite the fact that he couldn’t talk back, sometimes she would read the newspaper to him, or watch a rugby match with him.

Other times she would simply hold his hand when she sensed his mood was particularly low. After he was discharged from hospital and admitted to a frail care facility, she continued visiting him, and she bought him his favourite strawberry milkshake or a snack of his choice every time she popped by. She also took her two little Yorkies with to cheer him up. The other elderly people in the facility were as delighted as he was when she arrived with her lovely dogs, as she would let them all pet the dogs if they wanted to and she would then sit and chat to them too while they loved on her dogs. This brought much joy into their lives, some of whom never had any other visitors.

She continued visiting my father at the frail care for approximately two years before he sadly passed away. Delilah cared for my father deeply and he was also very fond of her. I know her visits meant a lot to him and my family and I were very grateful for the love and kindness she extended to him.

Delilah is someone who I will recommend to anyone who needs caring or a companion, be it a human or an animal. Her warmth and loving energy ooze out of her with such ease. Her smile just melts and touches everyone who comes in contact with her. I wish some of her patience would rub off on me.”

Margolite Williams

“Delilah is warm, friendly, kind, and gentle. She has a quiet way about her that makes our son feel secure. But she is firm when necessary and very consistent. Delilah is active and adventurous and loves keeping her mind active by learning new things. She has looked after our son, Andrew, many times over the past six years. Sometimes she has looked after him overnight for the whole weekend. She always arrives on time (usually early). She takes very good care of herself by eating well and exercising. She likes order and routine. She always has her time spent with Andrew planned out, but she also knows how to relax and savour the small things in life. I can, without hesitation, highly recommend her to look after, mentor, or chauffeur any child. She is very nurturing and I believe she has a sixth sense around children’s needs. Our son adores her!”

Deana and Simon Jooste

“I have known Delilah for over five years, and during this time she has had a great influence on my kids. My daughter was struggling with Afrikaans and Delilah offered to help her, and now my daughter can stand on her own two feet in her Afrikaans classes, thanks to Delilah’s help over the last few years. My youngest daughter is also very fond of Delilah. She would always want to spend time with Delilah whenever she saw her. Delilah contributed to the knowledge that my daughter has now. She was so enthusiastic about learning new things, and Delilah never got tired of answering any of her questions. I strongly recommend Delilah’s services. Based on the experience that I have had with her, she will be a good influence and mentor to any child.”

Rebecca Kanyik

“I have used Delilah to collect my daughter from primary school and take her home. I have also used her on many occasions as a childminder. My daughter absolutely loves her and gets so excited when I tell her Delilah is picking her up. I trust Delilah 100% with my daughter’s safety and her soft, kind, yet firm nature is a perfect fit for my daughter. I would highly recommend her to any mom or dad out there who needs a reliable and caring helping hand!”

Karin Wilson

“Delilah acted as my personal assistant for many years at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.

She has many outstanding qualities and work skills. What was perhaps the most outstanding of these qualities was her caring and compassionate nature in her dealings with fellow staff, customers, and service providers.

She was very kind to my aging, and in the end, very fragile mother who passed away at the age of 98.

Delilah was also extremely kind and caring to my children and grandchildren.”

Morne du Plessis
And if you need a few more reasons why to choose us:


We take pride in being punctual and will attend to your needs meticulously.


We believe exercise has life-changing benefits and will ensure that we give you exercises to match your abilities and needs.


We believe children are precious and their education and basic needs are imperative, and we understand that parents are busy and sometimes need an extra hand. We do just that and will provide your kids with mentoring and caring, as required, until you get home.


With Diligence on Call you can decide to go where you want to when you want to – we will deal with the logistics.


Our clients often comment that Diligence on Call is like spending time with a loyal friend.


We will quote an agreed price upfront, based on your needs.



We provide a committed, caring, and validated service to anyone, especially seniors, requiring personal assistance in the form of attending to administration tasks at medical appointments/hospitals, shopping, running errands, managing daily schedules, managing communications (phone, tablet, email) and IT support.


  • Liaising with medical staff, doctors/family on the client’s behalf, where required
  • Personal assistance, including, managing communications, completion of doctor/hospital forms, shopping, running errands, hospital visitation, etc.
  • IT support
  • Exercise classes (for example, seated and standing exercises, gentle resistance exercises, walking) to seniors at their homes, nursing homes, and retirement facilities
  • Dog walking and pet minding (only well-behaved pets)


  • Personal assistance: variable — depending on the duties required. Rates range from R300 per hour + R5.50 per km if assistance requires commuting (a quote will be provided per the requested list of personal assistance duties)
  • IT support: variable — depending on requirements. Rates range from R350 per hour + R5.50 per km if assistance requires commuting (a quote will be provided per the requested list of IT support requirements)
  • Exercise classes: R70 per person per 30-minute session
  • Dog walking: R75 per small dog per 30-minute session (a quote will be provided for larger dogs)
  • Pet minding: variable — depending on the duties required. Rates range from R90 per visit (a quote will be provided depending on pet-minding requirements)

Unfortunately personal care assistance, such as nursing/home caring/lifting/carrying/wheelchair assistance, etc. is not part of the service offering.


We provide a trustworthy, caring, safe, and seamless personal assistance service to families requiring a reliable helping hand to assist with kids’ homework/tutoring; childminding; child-appropriate exercise classes; shopping/errands; assisting with the management of daily schedules/household staff.


  • Personal assistance, namely, managing daily schedules/household staff; assisting with children’s homework/tutoring; childminding (ages 6 to 10); shopping; running errands
  • Child appropriate exercise classes in the safety of their own homes


  • Personal assistance: variable — depending on the duties required. Rates range from R300 per hour + R5.50 per km if assistance requires commuting (a quote will be provided per the requested list of personal assistance duties)
  • Childminding/assistance with homework/tutoring: from R90 per hour (depends on requirements, e.g. childminding or tutoring)
  • Exercise classes (for example, walking, shuttle runs, leopard crawls, weight-bearing exercises): R50 per child per 30-minute session (a quote will be provided for specialised/specific exercise requirements)

Childminding and assisting with homework services are only available to children between the ages of 6 and 10.

Cleaning, cooking, laundry, household chores and the like, are not included in the service offering.

*Refer to terms of service for further details.


For all your proofreading, copyediting, corporate governance, web development, and digital marketing services, why not visit our sister company’s website anytimeproofreading.co.za

Any Time Proofreading offers professional and meticulous services for various content, including but not limited to:

  • Check language and grammar
  • Correct spelling (client to advise preference for American or British English)
  • Ensure consistent use of terminology, headings, capitalisation, italics, hyphenation, acronyms, abbreviations, punctuation, and numbers (client to advise on the use of the Oxford comma)
  • Ensure correct use of apostrophes
  • Ensure consistency of font size and type
  • Eliminate redundancies and possible ambiguities
  • Edit tables, figures, and lists
  • Ensure correct word usage (comments will be provided)
  • Provide commentary on complex or incomplete sentences
  • Ensure correct use of in-text referencing style
  • Ensure correct use of referencing style (formatting of the reference list is not included; however, we will edit your reference list if it is already formatted and will provide commentary where required)
  • Provide commentary on inaccurate facts or bibliographical information that is discovered while doing research.
  • Note: Our service does not include checking for the accuracy of specific facts or bibliographical information.
  • Content creation for websites, social media, marketing campaigns, and blog posts
  • Preparing board packs and taking minutes at board and general meetings
  • Providing corporate governance support and preparing relevant documentation
  • Transcription of interviews, meetings, seminars, etc.
  • Creating professional CVs and LinkedIn profiles
  • Web development
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO to drive more organic traffic to the client’s websites
  • IT support and training

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